Individuální cestování

Inspirujte ke studiu jazyků a pomozte svým studentům učit se jazyk v zahraničí. Vaši studenti mohou samostatně vycestovat na jazykový kurz s flexibilní délkou do zahraničí od 2 týdnů do 1 roku. Kurzy začínají každé pondělí. V našich akreditovaných EF International Language Campus se setkají se studenty z více než 100 různých zemí a díky tomu udělají rychlý pokrok.

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Your students will make guaranteed language progress with our innovative learning method that combines classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion.

Immersive learning

EF study abroad programs offer a life-changing, impactful dive into local language and culture. Your students will develop their language skills while exploring their destination with new friends. A language immersion program is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language whether they are practicing their new skills at the dinner table with their host family or while visiting local landmarks.

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We organize a complete experience including language lessons, transportation, accommodation and activities.


EF Staff share a dedication to ensuring you feel at home during your trip abroad. Whether you need friendly advice, help planning your weekend activities or directions downtown – the door to their office is always open for you.

Visa applications

We're experts in visas. In case you and your students need one, we'll help every step of the way

Airport transfers

Our transfer service will be waiting for you upon your arrival and ready to take you back to the airport upon your departure.


We offer accommodation options for your students to integrate with the local culture. Whether you choose to stay with one of our host families or on campus – they’ll experience quality and comfort.


Whether you are enjoying a meal with your local host family or dinning at our campus cafeteria, Crave Kitchen, you'll get a taste of local cuisine.

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EF travel services can help arrange your flights with convenient connections at competitive rates.

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Choose your study abroad destination to learn more about the city and the school.